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How to Install Apache Tomcat 8 on Ubuntu 16.04

30 April 2017

Tomcat is an open source web server used to serve Java Web Applications and provides a Java HTTP web server environment in which Java code can run. To install Tomcat Server Just run the following bash script with a non-root user with sudo privileges configured on a server running Ubuntu 16.04.

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Custom Queries with WordPress WP_Query

20 September 2014

WP_Query is the heart of WordPress. It gives you a lot of control over the website content as well as holding important informations for debugging. It makes building complicated queries a lot easier by passing criteria as an associative array. Understanding WP_Query is a must for theme developers.

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How to Secure WordPress Plugins

01 August 2014

Securing your wordpress plugin isn't a difficult task or cumbersome because wordpress implements several tools to make your code safe and secure. We will exploore how to secure your plugins from internet pirates.

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Working With WordPress wpdb Object

22 July 2014

WordPress offers an object that can be used to access data form default tables and custom tables. The $wpdb object contains several methods to read, insert, delete and update records from tables. Let's explore these methods in details.

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Adding Menus and Submenus for Wordpress Plugins

29 June 2014

Integrating your plugin in wordpress is the first step in building plugins. There are many different ways to integrate your plugins including adding menus and submenus, adding metaboxes and adding widgets. Let's explore how to add menus and submenus for wordpress plugins.

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How To Create Wordpress Widgets

22 June 2014

Wordpress provides a great API to create and interact with widgets. Widgets are a great way to allow plugin users to build their blog sidebar easily. I will show you how to create widgets, add widget options and display it in the sidebar.

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PHP Errors Handling

30 May 2014

PHP5 introduced exceptions, a completely different way to handle errors. Simply, exceptions like sensors detect any error occur within your code and output a bunch of data to handle these errors. Let's see how these exceptions work.

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Learning MySQL Aliases

06 May 2014

MySQL aliases are simply nicknames used to express tables, columns and functions' names. These nicknames can be used in your queries to make them short and neat. Let's explore this feature.

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Laravel URL Generation

06 May 2014

In order to build hyperlinks in our applications. We might do this by hand but laravel provides a number of helpers to build URLs. Let's explore them.

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