Supervised Learning With scikit-learn

Supervised learning with scikit-learn is a popular approach for building predictive models based on labeled data. It involves splitting the data into training and testing sets, fitting a model on the training data, making predictions on the test data, and evaluating the model’s performance.

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Strangler Fig Pattern Explained

Strangler Figs is a nightmare that lives on other tropical trees, stealing their soil nutrients, water, and even sunlight through a canopy of dense leaves and roots that twist around the host plant. Eventually, the fig’s roots can completely encase the host, strangling its trunk and cutting off nutrient flow until it dies and rots away leaving just the hollow fig behind. continue reading »

How to Connect Arduino With a Raspberry PI over a Serial Port

In this post, You will understand how to collect values from an Arduino with a connected Raspberry PI over a serial port. This can be useful if you want collect sensor values over a period of time and store them on a timeseries database or trigger an alert either from the Raspberry PI (email notification or telegram alert) or from the Arduino (like fire alerting systems). Let’s dive in!

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