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WordPress Options API

21 April 2014

Wordpress provides a set of functions that enable easy access to plugin options. By default wordpress and plugins options are stored in wp_options table. Let’s explore these functions.

Adding Options

You can add plugin options using add_option function. It accepts four parameters:

  • The first parameter is the option name or key.
  • The second parameter is the option value.
  • The third parameter is optional and it was deprecated so you should set it to empty.
  • The fourth parameter is also optional and it determines whether wordpress autoload the option during loading. By default wordpress autoload all options during loading but setting this parameter to 'no' can convert this and the option will not be loaded during loading.

Let’s start by saving your first plugin options.

//always put your plugin options in array
add_option('myplugin_settings', array(

//another option but disable autoload

Retrieving Options

To get option value, you can use get_option function. It accepts only one parameter and it is the option name. This function returns false if option doesn’t exist.

$pluginsettings = get_option('myplugin_settings');
$another_settings = get_option('myplugin_another_options');

Updating Options

To update an option, you can use update_option function. It accepts two parameters. The first parameter is the option name and the second parameter is the new value. This function creates option if it doesn’t exist.

   'option1'=>'updated value',
   'option2'=>'updated value'

Deleting Options

To delete option, you can use delete_option function. It accepts a string representing option name. It returns false if option doesn’t exist and true otherwise.