Even though it is always hard to write about yourself in just five or six lines but let’s give it a try!

Hi, I am Ahmed, I am a Web Developer interested specifically in development using PHP, Python, MySQL, Javascript and Lately Go and Some Java. I studied Petroleum Engineering (Yes I am a Petroleum Engineer :D). Weird Right! But It’s been an interesting journey to get here.

I love challenges, Always looking to improve and play nice with both humans and machines.

Don’t feel confused when you find me retweet a lot of photos, photography is my second passion.

My Specialties: PHP, Python, Go,  MySQL, NoSQL, MongoDB, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Flask, Django, BackboneJs, jQuery, Ajax, Slim, WordPress Plugin and Themes Development, LAMP, OOP, VCS, GIT, Continuous Integration, Chef, Jenkins, ElasticSearch, RabbitMQ, HAProxy, Vagrant, Consul, Docker, MVC, Composer, Bower, TDD, Linux, Cloud Computing, DevOps, Bash, Apache, Nginx, Scrum.

My Current Interests: Scaling Web Applications, Microservices Architecture.

I would love to hear from you, and what you think about clivern. All feedback is welcome and if you have any idea you’d like to share or what you think I should write about next, let me know!

You can reach me at hello at clivern.com, contact page, twitter, linkedin or even github