Django Custom Month and Year Lookup

Everyone want to keep Django timezone support but sometimes you need to keep your SQL queries a way from timezone conversion especially if by default your application timezone is UTC. Django will do something like this CONVERT_TZ(`app_incident`.`datetime`, 'UTC', 'UTC')) and it will return Null if the timezone table is empty. Even that conversion is not even needed.

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Django Custom Lookups

By default Django has a date lookup that support timezones. It actually will wrap your field with CONVERT_TZ in case USE_TZ is True. This is pretty awesome unless you have timezones table empty because this call will return Null.

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Building a Service Mesh with Consul

How To Create Custom Validation Rules With Laravel

Load balancers aren’t efficient in a dynamic environment where we scale services up or down. Consul uses a registry to keep a real-time list of services, their location, and their health. Services query the registry to discover the location of upstream services and then connect directly. This allows services to scale up/down and gracefully handle failure

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