Bottle cheat sheets part 2

PHP Errors Handling

bottle provide web masters with powerful tools and features .let’s describe some of these features

Files :

  • Downloads limit : simply you can set maximum downloads for each files box until it disabled and box become unavailable .
  • Time Period : you can open downloads for specific files box within definite period when ended box become unavailable .
  • Auto compression : when set to on, bottle automatically compress files in that box and you clients can download zip archive of all files in that box .
  • Backup : when set to on, bottle automatically compress box to be backup if any files corrupted .
  • lists board :each files box has lists board used to provide further customization for access privileges .
  • Statistics board : each files box has statistics panel track downloads for both users ,subscribers and visitors and also track allowed and banned requests (for example: if you have files box with users access privilege so in this case all subscribers cannot access .but when you add [email protected] subscriber in allow list then when this subscriber access files ,bottle track him as allowed connections and so on..) .

Subscription :

  • Download limit : you can set maximum downloads for each subscriber when reaches , subscriber disabled from download .
  • Email verification : bottle can verify subscriber email ,or verify automatically or just put emails under moderation .
  • Email notification : bottle can send notification messages to notify subscriber in case admin create subscriptions through admin panel.
  • Downloads : bottle automatically track overall downloads for each subscriber .

Advertisement :

  • Size : when you add advertisement ,you have to set size because when bottle show front download page it automatically fetch advertisement with the theme advertisement box size .
  • Cycle Limit : you can set maximum times each advertisement shown before disabled .
  • Cycle : bottle track total times each advertisement shown.


  • Maintenance Job & Maintenance Job Message : need to stop downloads and still need to show message to your clients don’t deactivate bottle ,just activate maintenance job and you downloads will closed .
  • Access Roles : I understand that sometimes we trust our wordpress editors ,users or maybe authors so bottle come with dynamic access roles .simply you can set minimum access role for each page and each action of bottle .
  • Hotlinking : in addition to hotlinking to prevent other sites from stealing your bandwidth , bottle downloads links are dynamic.
  • Subscriptions : bottle has mega tools for subscriptions ,demo best to describe
  • Integrate Bottle : Bottle can integrate another subscription plugin to work in conjunction with its built in subscriptions module . also ,you can stop bottle subscriptions and only work with another subscription plugin .


  • Downloads : bottle track downloads for each user and display total downloads in its profile page .


  • TinyMCE Button Modal : bottle add TinyMCE button to open modal so simply you can insert any files box url .